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Co – operation with other companies is the main reason of our company INCOM TAX success. 

We are working and co-operating with different organizations – agencies that provide employee selection, visa organization, “Work & Travel” programs, and other companies who provide similar services. We keep on expanding our business and services, there for we are looking for potential partners to work together in different countries and areas.
If your business is connected with people, who work abroad, please, consider the possibility of becoming our partner and help Your client to get their taxes back by informing us about the service that We provide.

Working with us:

- You can gain competitive advantage by expanding your services package.
- Your clients will be grateful for Your help in returning their taxes. 
- You will expand Your business contacts. 
- You will receive additional advertisement. 
- You will receive additional income.

We offer:

- Additional benefits to your client.

- Commission for each new client. 

- Free tax back section for Your website. 

- Free consultations to your clients regarding their tax back procedure



+370 609 81185