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Tax refunds from Germany

A quick and simple way for those who have worked in Germany to recover the maximum amount of overpaid tax.

Have you worked in Germany as an employee and now you want to apply tax-deductible income-related expenses as part of your income tax return? 

INCOM TAX will support you in completing your income tax return and determining your tax-deductible expenses. Employment-related costs such as house moving, further training, or commuting to the workplace are applicable, and in some cases you can even deduct expenses for supporting needy relatives in another country.

  1. Lohnsteuerkarte/Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs form from each employer.
  2. Copy of your passport or ID card.
  3. Details of the last registration address and home address in Germany.
  4. Marriage Certificate and child birth ratification (if you have one).

If you don’t have Lohnsteuerkarte/Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs form – No Problem! THOSE FORMS ARE NECESSARY FOR YOUR TAX RETURN INCOM TAX MAY ORGANIZE FINDING THEM.

Lohnsteuerkarte/Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs - This is the official government form that you receive from your employer at the end of the tax year. It contains the information about your wages and taxes withheld. 


Tax refund for those who have worked in Germany is quite complicated bureaucratic procedure which must be well understood in order to recover the maximum amount refundable. We help those who have worked in Germany to understand this procedure as well as quickly and simply recover the maximum amount of overpaid tax.

Refund period
Your income taxes are refunded in 90-120 days. The refund period may take longer then usually if you have not provided requested information.
Tax Refund Fees
Tax Refund fee is 12% of the refundable amount, but not less than 60 euro if refundable amount is less than 300 euro, or 80 euro if refundable amount is more than 300 euro for each tax return of personal income taxes.

Lohnsteuerkarte/Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs or last pay slip from some of your employers, we may organize finding it. The fee of missing Lohnsteuerkarte/Lohnsteuerbescheinigungs is 20 EUR .


Start your tax return with INCOM TAX, we offer you a professional service and excellent service without prior, advances and hidden fees, free calculate the amount of the refund, and advise the tax return, we will do all the formalities. Income tax is not Germany Tax Division.

The amount of refund depends on many factors: total income you have earned, total taxes you have paid, period you have stayed in Germany.

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