Tax recovery process

You provide us with all available information about work abroad and taxes paid. If you do not have all the documents required to recover overpaid taxes, our specialists will take care of it.

We will take care of all the formalities. Our long-term experience ensures that the maximum amount of overpaid taxes is returned to you and that all opportunities are used.

Depending on the country, we will transfer the refund directly to the specified account after deducting the commission fee, or you will receive a tax refund directly to your account when you settle with us.

Why should you choose "INCOM TAX" team

The working principles of Incom Tax tax recovery are reliability, responsibility, quality and respect for the client. This helps to achieve the set goal - to constantly be leaders in our activities.

INCOM TAX tax refund specialists offer a wide package of services, as well as a convenient and clear tax overpayment refund procedure.

The average amount of INCOM TAX refunds is 1050 Euros.

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