Income Tax refunds from Sweden

Tax refund for those who worked in Sweden

If you have worked in Sweden and paid income tax in the last 3 years, you can apply for a refund of overpaid income tax. Our consultants will help you.

A quick and easy way to recover the maximum amount of overpaid tax for those who worked in Sweden.

  • We refund the maximum amount in the shortest possible time.
  • We will transfer the refunded taxes directly to the specified account.
  • We will help you get all the missing documents needed for tax refund.
  • You only pay if you succeed. Commission fee – 12% of the returned amount, but not less than €80.

Don’t leave your taxes in your Swedish Tax Office account and start your tax refund now!

Mokesčių susigrąžinimas iš Švedijos.

How do I start the tax refund process from Sweden?

  • Register on our website for a tax refund from Sweden.
  • Complete our registration form.
  • Submit the required documents.

How does a tax refund from Sweden work?

  • We prepare the necessary documents and make a claim for a tax refund on your behalf.
  • We actively follow your tax refund process.
  • Tax refunds are sent to your designated bank account.

Getting a tax refund for those who have worked in Sweden is a fairly complicated bureaucratic process that needs to be well-versed in order to get the full amount possible. We help you get caught up in the process and get the maximum amount of tax overpaid quickly and easily for those who worked in Sweden.

Contact if relevant to you:

  • Certificate of PSD debt to Social Security or Health Insurance Funds;
  • Swedish ID number search.

Frequently asked questions about tax refunds from Sweden (FAQ)

What is the service fee?


  • The charge for tax returns from Sweden is 12% from the tax sum, but not less than 80 euro. If your missing annual forms or pay slip to be sought out an additional charge of 20 euro is applied.
How long does it take to get a tax refund for people who worked in Sweden?

Ats: The duration of the tax refund process depends on the specific situation. Only after assessing your situation, we will be able to adequately determine how long it will take to refund the overpaid fees. IMPORTANT! The more information and data you provide, the faster the tax refund process will be.

What documents are required for a tax refund from Sweden?

Ats: If you don’t have all the documents you need to get your taxes back from Sweden, no problem. We will begin the process of your tax refund with the information you provide.

Required documents for tax refund from Sweden:

  • Personal identity card or your passport;
  • Swedish ID number – if you have one;
  • Specification till Inkomstadeklaration 1 (originals) – if you have it;
  • 2/3 salary from Sweden – if you have it.